Work Injury Benefits

The basis of the contract is the proposal form. Premiums must be paid upfront before commencement of cover. Premiums form the basis or the consideration for indemnity.


Cover is given against employee’s bodily injury by accident or disease arising out of and in the cause of employment in the business of the employer as described in the proposal form. Kenindia Assurance Company Ltd, will subject to jurisdiction clause and other terms, exceptions and conditions of the policy, indemnify the insured against liability under the work injury benefit Act, in respect of injury, disease or death. The company will also in the event of death of the insured indemnify the insured’s legal personal representative(s) under the terms and conditions of the policy.

However, the compensation payable to any claimant or any number of claimants in respect of or arising out of one occurrence or more attributable to one source or original cause, shall not exceed the limit of liability stated in the schedule subject to the insured’s revision of estimated earnings and payment of additional premiums therein as appropriate, otherwise compensation will be limited to last periods pay and will be deemed that work injury benefits Act had remained unaltered.

Terms and conditions apply.


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