Staff Retirement Benefit

Staff pension scheme/fund

The benefits that it can provide are as follows:


• A member receives periodic pension payments on retirement.

• Up to one-third of the of the total accrued benefits as at retirement date can be received in lump sum, the balance is then utilised to purchase annuity/pension.

• If a member leaves service early, a deferred pension or a lump sum can be granted.

• In the event of the death of a member, a pension scheme can provide benefits to the dependents

Staff provident scheme/fund

• The objective of the scheme is to provide lump sum benefit to an employee when he leaves service early or at the date of his retirement or in the event of his unfortunate death, to his legal heirs.

• A provident scheme is the most flexible and wide-ranging type of retirement benefits scheme since one has the option of either receiving his total accrued benefits in lump sum or utilises the benefits to purchase annuity/pension.

Basic features of both schemes/funds

• If a member leaves service early, a deferred pension or a lump sum can be granted.

• In the event of the death of a member, benefits are become payable to the beneficiaries/dependants.

• Tax Benefits & Contributions.

Kenindia’s specialties

While general features of administration and management of a pension / provident fund scheme remains the same irrespective of the Fund manager, the following attributes separate Kenindia from rest of the lot and invites esteemed clients to select Kenindia as the Institution of their choice.


• Being a Guaranteed fund, it offers guarantee of paying a minimum basic interest of 4% annually on the fund, which, other Fund managers would not offer.

• The interest credited to the fund is net and still attractive compared to prevailing rates offered by our competitors.

• Annual Statements.


We provide individual statements to the members showing the following particulars:

• Fund at the beginning of the year

• Interest earned by the fund during the year

• Contributions received during the year

• Interest earned by the contributions on day to day basis during the year

• Fund at the end of the year


We also provide consolidated fund statements showing the above particulars to the Trustees.

Why invest with Kenindia?

• Absolute safety of funds (With fast payment track record and customer friendly services)

• Fast settlement of claims

• Fund Management & Administration fees – Negotiable

• Highest returns

2008 - 9.5%

2009 - 11%

2010 - 12%

2011 - 12%

2012 - 13.5%

2013 - 15%

2014 - 15.25%

2015 - 15%

2016 - 12%

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