Kumi Bora

The new 10 year money back plan (Kumi Bora with profit)

This plan is of special interest to persons who, besides desire to provide protection, saving and investment to his/ her family , feel the need for lump sum benefit at periodical intervals in the name of survival benefit. The first payment of 10% of the Sum Assured is payable on the 4th year, the second payment of 10% of Sum Assured is payable on the 6th year, the third payment of 10% of Sum Assured is payable on the 8th year and there after 100% of the Sum Assured plus accrued bonus + terminal bonus is payable during the policy maturity period (at the end of 10years), giving an extra 30% of the Sum Assured to the policy holder.


The riders under this plan include double accident benefit and the waiver of premium. (D.A.B. & W.O.P)


Full sum assured is payable on death during the term, over and above payments already made.It also has an extended non- medical facility.

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