Kenindia Magazine Volume 6


Kenindia Magazine Volume 6

Welcome to the 6th edition of Kenindia News. With the BPR reaching dizzying standards and preparation for the ISO certifi cation which continued into 2016, everyone was working full throttle. Processes, systems, documentation, CAPAs and so on were on everyone’s mind at all times. The exercise brought a lot of clarity of our work processes and it brought out the Kenindia Team Spirit which was seen in all offi ces. Hip Hip Hurray for Kenindia and everyone deserves a pat on the back as we march on. Yes, we
are ISO Certifi ed now. The fl urry of activities in Kenindia continues – training, fi re drills,
monthly prayer meetings, new software in Life and General business, corporate social responsibility activities, Board meetings and the list is endless.

Whatever project may be undertaken, the results are based on the leadership driving the process. With all the above activities going on, there were champions leading the process and in our daily lives too, we are or we have leaders who drive various activities to conclusion. Leadership is closely associated with mentoring because a leader always develops his or her team to lead. The Kenindia MagazineTeam zeroed in on the theme ‘Leadership’ for this issue and we have an article on mentoring by our team member Gidraff Macharia.

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Posted April 1, 2016

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