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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Travel Insurance


1.       Travel Insurance Policy provides Medical Expenses for a sudden and unexpected illness or accident whilst traveling outside Kenya and is extended to cover;-

a) Personal Accident which covers death or permanent disability

b) Hospital benefit which is a fixed cash amount per day while hospitalized

c) Loss of checked baggage

d) Delay of checked Baggage

e) Loss of passport

f) Personality Liability

g) Travel Delay

h) Hijack

2.       This is not a General Health Policy and will not pay for claims that arise out of a pre- existing medical condition.

4.       This Insurance is only valid for persons who are permanent residents of Kenya


                                          Maximum Sum Insured (US$)                                   Excess

Section A

Personal Accident

Death up to                              US$ 25,000

Loss of Limb up to                     US$ 25,000

Permanent total Disability                            up to                                        US$ 25,000

Death benefits for  children &                   over 70 years                            US$ 25,000


Section B

Medical and Emergency Expenses

Up to                                      US$ 100,000

US$ 100

Section C

Hospital Benefits

US$10 for each day 24 hours of hospitalization up to a maximum of US$100


Section D

Loss of checked baggage

Up to US$ 1,000


Section E

Delay of checked Baggage

US$ 50 for each 12 hour period of delay up to a maximum of US$ 150

12 hours

Section F

Loss of passport

Up to  US$ 150


Section G

Personality  Liability

Up to  US$ 200,000

US$200 in respect of Third Party Property Damage claims only

Section H

Travel Delay

US$10 per hour up to maximum of   US$ 50

12 hours

Section I


US$ 50 per day up to maximum     US$ 500

24 hours


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